Visual Facilitation Training with Diane Bleck

Every organization is trying to implement systems-wide transformation at work. They are hiring Directors, Agencies, Consultants, and even crowdsourcing innovation, creativity, and solutions. I believe the answer is not about throwing more technology at innovation, but simply teaching more people like YOU how to be Visual & Virtual Champions at Work!

You have so many answers within you!

Visual learning is a powerful tool for critical thinking, problem-solving and strategic planning. When you put pen to paper, you open up to access your ideas, inspirations, and insights. You UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY to transform the way you work and deliver winning strategies.

We all know that meetings are not going away, but after you take this training, the way you show up is going to change! During Visual Facilitation Training, you will learn about techniques, technology, and tools YOU can use right away to unlock your imagination and creativity at work. And the best part, your organization wants you to do this!

Organizations are always looking for innovators, and people who can bring ideas to life.


Big ideas can strike at any moment. Visual Facilitation is about learning how to design events that allow more innovation and creativity so that the best ideas can come forward and everyone can participate in a meaningful way.

All you really need is something to write with and something to write on, and through this training, you will discover how to bring your creativity into the room for everyone.

As Trainers, Facilitators, and Leaders, your job is to not only inspire participants to think creatively but also to facilitate and capture their big ideas. Once you complete this workshop, you will be amazed at how ideas begin to flow, creativity comes in a flash of rapid ideas and you will have the tools to capture and share them all!

This training is designed to be very interactive with lots of activities and lessons. Your new visual thinking skills will help you create a nurturing space for ideation. And you never know who in the room is going to have a critical piece of the solution!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

- Capture your big ideas
- Practice expansive thinking
- Draw business maps and models
- Share your strategic and tactical plans with your team
- Implement innovation mindset and behaviors
- Create powerful communications
- Build dynamic webinars to keep people engaged
- Develop engaging presentations for your leadership

By going through this training you will learn to “Lean in and Listen with a Pen”! You'll be activating your heart and mind to engage in a new way of learning, communication and sharing your ideas.

You'll make yourself a Visual & Virtual Champion.


If only we had a guru or an expert, then we could be successful. Have you ever thought that about a project that seemed beyond your capabilities? Throughout our careers, we have been a part of many conversations where we have heard teams say, "Let's just hire someone from Google, Facebook, or Apple, then we will be successful." or "Won't they just sell us their code?"

We are going to be very honest with you.... you don't need it! What so many organizations do not realize is that the In-House Guru is right inside their own organization. And it is YOU!

Yes, you are the best-kept secret. The key is to create and sustain a culture of transformation where your ideas can be heard, seen, tested, and launched. And remember, all you need is something to write with and something to write on!


The most important thing you will walk away with is the desire to build your own Visual Thinking Toolkit. During this workshop, you will learn step-by-step how to become a Visual Facilitator and all the ways you can apply these new skills at work.

But most of all, you will discover that you have the ability to change the environment and outcome of meetings with just a few simple tools!  Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply your Visual Thinking skills to your life.



Diane has participated in over 300 Visual Facilitation Sessions over the past 20 years with companies large and small. She believes that incorporating innovation into the workplace can change the way you develop and deliver winning ideas that alter your company culture, improve results, and transform the way you do business.


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