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Diane Bleck has worked with over 300 organizations over the past 18 years including major corporate clients, governmental institutions and at national and global conferences. She believes that incorporating innovation and design thinking can change the way you develop and deliver winning ideas that alter your company culture, improve results and transform the way you do business.

Over the years, Diane has observed is that every organization is trying to implement system wide innovation. They are hiring Innovation Directors, Agencies, Consultants and even Crowd Sourcing Innovation.

The answer is not to throw more technology at innovation, not to build an innovation app, not to make an amazing inspiring video. But to simply teach YOU how to create “Solutions you can SEE”.

 Innovation is right here within your organization...and more importantly, innovation is within YOU.

Supporting over 300+ corporate projects in North America, Europe, Canada, Africa, Spain and Australia including such diverse clients as Accenture, Alltech, American Heart Association, BASF, Bayer Chemicals, Booz Allen Hamilton, BP, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Initiative, Cigna, Consumer Reports, Cap Gemini, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Disney, Edmunds, ESPN, Ernst & Young, Fidelity Investments, GE, Genentech, Google, Hanley Wood, Herman Miller, Highmark, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Lowes, Lubrizol, Ogilvy & Mather, Mars, Medred, Moen, MIT, Motorola, NASA, National Geographic, Nike, Nissan, PG&E, PWC, Sanofi Aventis, SC Johnson, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Target, Toyota, Turner Broadcasting, and the United Stated department of Verteran Affairs.

During her career she has received awards from the American Society for Training & Development as well as being awarded Woman of the Year by National Association of Professional Women for for her leadership in Art, Innovation and Education.

Diane Bleck


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