Top Tools for Innovation Thinking

Innovation can strike at any moment. Which is why all you need at that time is something to write with and something to write on. It can be a Post-It, the back of an envelope or even your iPad.


As an Innovation Strategist, my job is to not only inspire you to think creatively but to capture your ideas. And sometimes ideas can strike really fast. Over the years my travel case has grown bigger and bigger until lately.

With all the new tools like iPad Pros and the Apple Pencil, I have found I need fewer and fewer tools. For over 20 years I have been supporting companies large and small with their Innovation Sessions and training teams and leaders on how to become Visual & Virtual Innovation Champions.

During a six hour Innovation Think Pad Training Workshop participants learn how to use critical thinking to make a sketch of an idea, concept or presentation, use those notes as the  foundation for problem solving to create solutions you can SEE and best of all, how to quickly create visuals and videos to accelerate decision making and execution. 

Now, all on your own, without an agency or creative director to slow you down, you can make dynamic presentations, videos and more.

Because innovation is about being fast, being agile.

Are you ready? Want to learn how to:

1. Sketch an idea

2. Create a storyboard

3. Design an infographic

4. Build a dynamic power deck

5. Capture your presentation in a short video


6. Share your message with your team, leaders and the WORLD!

I get asked all the time, what tools do you use for Innovation. So here it is, my   favorite tools. 

Cleaning Your Photos

Photoshop -
Scanscribe -
Camscanner -

iPad Drawing Programs

Work Visual -
Paper by 53 -
Tayasui Sketches II -
Sketchbook Pro -

Webinar Programs

Zoom -
Go To Meeting -
Webex -


Intuos Pro -
Cintiqu -

Electronic Drawing Programs for Desktop

Illustrator -
Sketchbook Pro -


iPad Pro Pencil by Apple -
Pencil by Paper by 53 Stylus -
Cosmonaut -

 Video Making

Videoscribe -
Camtasia -
Screen Flow -
After Effects -
Audacity -
Adobe Premeir Pro -
Snagit -
iMovie -


PowerPoint -
Prezi -
Fuze -

And remember, keep exploring new tools till you find the ones that work best for you.


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