Bring to Life Your Perfect Avatar

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2019

It’s time to bring your perfect avatar to life - grab those markers, put pen to paper and let’s make that mental image a reality.

In our last post we talked you through how to dream up your perfect future customer and the importance of doing so. In this post, we want you to bring that mental image of your perfect avatar to life to begin taking even bigger steps towards learning more about who they are, and what you and your business can do to help them. So grab some paper, have your markers at the ready, and let’s bring to life your perfect avatar.

In our last post we spoke about Jason in our example and will continue to do so throughout, bringing him further to life along with your avatar. Before you start to put pen to paper, you need to really define a clear picture of who this person is, what are their goals, are they where they want to be in life, are they happy, tired, worried, sad? How old are they? (In a future post we’ll be expanding on different...

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Dream Your Perfect Avatar

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

Are you creating a new product or service for your business? The first step towards developing a useful product/service is understanding your customer or avatar.

When dreaming up the vision of your perfect customer, the beauty is in the details - if you can begin to paint a mental image of who this is, what motivates them, what their life situation is, what keeps them, what problems they solve in the shower, only then can you really begin to provide a product or service which fits their needs perfectly.


We’ll take Jason for example - Jason is a 26 year old college educated young professional, he got good grades studying business at a decent college and fell into an average job. He quit his job after 2 years because the role wasn’t fast paced enough and it became old quick, but 6 months into his new role he feels the same way, fast forward a year and he’s stuck in a rut because his job feels like it going nowhere and the job market is so competitive that...

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Creative Office Space Ideas

The business world has changed, which has led to a greater emphasis on the importance of creativity as a way of improving productivity and efficiency in an organization. One way organizations are boosting their worker’s creativity is by incorporating creative work spaces into their office environments.

Work Flexibility

Creative spaces enable different varieties of work to be successfully accomplished simultaneously because the employees feel comfortable working in their preferred style. In the modern world, a company’s success relies on the employees’ ability to be creative and innovative. Individuals are being asked to generate new ideas and deliver winning strategies at an accelerated pace.

Better Performance

Employees feel happier and stimulated in a work environment that is creatively designed. It makes them feel important and that their ideas are needed. Teams are usually more motivated when the workspace is organized, clean, and inspiring. A creative...

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